Vela Roth’s Blood Gift is how you keep a master-class in how to keep a series fresh and interesting

The payoff in Vela Roth’s Blood Gift from storylines and plot points set up in the last several books was phenomenal. There was a culmination of so many things that had been introduced in previous books and returned in some manner, and for this reason consider this my spoiler warning for those who might not have caught up on all the books yet, and proceed with extreme caution.

As much as I have loved the time spent in Orthros, it was actually very welcome to return to Tenebra in this book. So much has changed, particularly for Cassia, and to return to the place that was never really home for her with the new eyes she has gained from all of her experiences, in Orthros and the Empire felt very right. Cassia has grown so much and you can really see that in this book as she faces parts of her past, while trying to grasp her future, and it was such a juxtaposition from her time in Tenebra prior to leaving for Orthros, and where she is as a person now, returning to Tenebra. It’s even more meaningful because she has returned to claim her birthright, the magic she has discovered she possesses but requires a letting spot that can only be found in Tenebra. It seems only right that she must return to the place she was born, and of her ancestors to find the key to her magic and finally take ahold of the gift she has inherited from her mother.

The Collector is another returning figure and it was satisfying to have this big bad enemy back on the scene after how things were left the last time he made an appearance. The last couple of books took a different direction away from this storyline for a bit, and this was a big part of the reason I loved the book prior to them, so having it come back really excited me because I wanted very much to know more of this enigmas plans. Some of the plot was finally revealed as well and made so many things come together that had me devouring this seventh installment and needing more. I cannot wait to see where this battle takes Lio and Cassia because this storyline has me so invested and I was so happy to get more answers finally.

Then there is Solia. It was so satisfying to get more time figuring out who Solia has become in all the years she and Cassia have been separated, and to see her fight to take on the role that she was always expected to uphold, despite the differing plans she herself held. I was so curious to see more of Solia after the big reveal of her whereabouts, and this book was exactly what I needed. Furthermore, seeing Cassia and Solia work to rebuild their relationship after so many years apart, which involved the odd bit of stumbling, was very heartwarming after learning how much Cassia has always looked up to her sister and mourned her supposed death from book one.

And finally, FINALLY, there’s the gifting. I’m not going to go into detail, other than, for me, the way it comes about almost felt more right than the couples initial attempt at the gifting. Maybe it’s the couple themselves, and everything they’ve been through, but the events that bring it about just seemed fitting somehow for Cassia. I almost feel like it wouldn’t have felt right any other way. In my eyes anyway.

All together I absolutely loved every minute of Cassia’s journey towards finding her magic and trying to figure out how to claim it. It was such a compelling storyline and having such a deep focus on the possibility of her magic was so intriguing to me after so many books where it seemed as if she held no capacity for magic, or may never discover she had any, having it be such a main part of her journey in Blood Gift was one of my favourite parts of it. Not to mention all of the information learned and new kinds of magic discovered because of this journey. As it ties so vitally to her past and her ancestors history, this also made the storyline even more interesting as it gave further details on a part of Cassia not delved deeply into before now. Everything, all the reveals to die with her magic were just beautiful and so well done. I especially loved close to the end of the book when parts of her past are discovered that had me both beside myself and also held that “Aha!” moment of discovery and a number of details coming together, especially as I was able to piece them together as the story went based on these clues. I loved every minute of it.

I’m still not entirely over this book, especially with where things left off and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to wait for the eighth installment in this series. As always I cannot get enough of Hespera, and Cassia and Lio (and Knight because let’s be real, he’s my favourite). Blood Gift was another incredible read and I eagerly await Vela Roth’s next book.


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