Beauty and the Demon by Aurora Ascher was another fun, pleasant ride through the Hell Bent series

Filled with funny moments, tonnes of spice, and the kind of hot tension you might expect from a demon and his witch. This might have ended up being my favourite couple yet, much to my own surprise.

Suyin is a witch with powers even she doesn’t understand, and someone who has a hard time letting people fully in. She is Iris’ friend, a character who has appeared in a previous book in the Hell Bent series, but even Iris doesn’t get all the details about Suyin and her life. I really liked Suyin, she’s a strong, independent witch who really seems like she doesn’t need anyone, which is both admirable and also sad, and her biggest flaw. I found her very relatable though, which is why I enjoyed reading from her perspective so much.

Suyin is kidnapped by a demon, in this case Murmur, who has made previous appearances in the series as one of the main villains the brotherhood of demons has faced. This was why I was so surprised to end up enjoying this book and this pairing so much. I never thought I would end up liking Murmur as much as I ended up doing so, so I went into this book expecting to enjoy it less. But alas, here I am, eternally drawn to the villainous characters it seems. Murmur is very similar to Suyin in certain ways, he lets no one in and much prefers to be left on his own. He’s very focused on his studies and completing whatever project he’s most focused on at the time, and it’s one of these projects that brings him to kidnap Suyin.

Something that pleasantly surprised me about this book was that there was actually more than just two point of views the story was told from. Of course there was the main two, or the couple to be, but there were also chapters from Bel’s point of view which I really enjoyed. It was nice to have another story being told, especially because it kept the reader connected with this brothers and their partners, otherwise known as the characters from the previous books in this series. Considering Murmur and Suyin only really had a passing connection to this group, it was great having that chance to see what was going on in their lives. Not least because Bel is left struggling so hard with his anger issues and trying to fit into the human world and the reader gets to experience this with him.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read, as with previous entries in the Hell Bent series. I’m very much looking forward to Bel’s story next, especially after getting a look inside his head in various chapters throughout this book. Fans of this series are going to love this latest entry!


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