Shattered Saint by Bri Blackwood is a fast moving dark romance that will make readers want to finish it in one sitting.

I know I did.

Bianca and Easton meet at a party her parents throw, which is how this book opens, and it shows a few events about their connection before jumping to two years later. They seem to hit it off initially, but in the present timeline they butt heads and avoid one another, cueing in the enemies to lovers trope you’ll find in this book. As a sucker for enemies to lovers I was all for this.

Bianca seems like she has everything a young woman could want, high profile parents, all the money she could ever need as a result of her parents, a best friend, and popularity. Yet there’s a darker side to her and more issues than she cares to admit even to herself as she frequently overdoes it drinking alcohol and partying to cope with what she’s lacking in her life.

Easton on the other hand is an athlete, and best friends with Bianca’s brother whom he made a deal with not to go anywhere near Bianca. Hence he antagonizes her while secretly longing for her, but never able to act on his desires for her.

There was a bit of overlap in events happening from different viewpoints early on which is something I don’t particularly care for in books because I find it super redundant, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable read. There’s also a bit of crossover with the first book in the Westwick University duet which was neat as it tied them together a bit, and it wasn’t quite as repetitive because there was content that hadn’t appeared in the other book.

There’s also a mystery of what is going on with Bianca’s brother, Nash, as he acts very cagey throughout the book and it leaves the reader wanting to know more of what is going on. There are also hints of the secret society Chevalier, which adds to the mystery, though there are very few answers that come out of this first book in this new series. But it left me desperately wanting answers and needing to know more, which has me eagerly anticipating the next book. The tension and mystery is amped up near the end of the book even more when there is a mystery character point of view chapter, where it is not not revealed who the figure is as they get up to some shady stuff. And lost but not least, of course there is a bit of a cliffhanger, and all of the factors basically have me begging for more! Here’s hoping the sequel comes soon.


By Danielle Plant

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