The Lies Beneath is a must read for dark romance lovers

The Lies Beneath by Bri Blackwood is a dark romance with an air of mystery to it.

Iris is trying to find information at her school that will reveal the history of the Chevalier’s beginnings and her ancestors role in it throughout the book. Her family member was cut out from the making of this group, or so the story goes, and she wants to find proof of this in order to give her family the recognition it deserves. However, there are those who don’t want her to dig into this. Such as Soren, who ends up being both tormentor and temptation. 

It’s no secret that I’m all about that dark romance, so I was sold immediately on this book. It didn’t disappoint as Soren was the kind of main character that you hate to love and then just outright can’t get enough of. 

One of my only minor complaints was repetitiveness between events that took place in each characters POV to get both of their perspectives, but this is something that I’m never a fan of because I don’t like reading the same scene twice, even from a different point of view. Happily for me didn’t happen often enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story. 

The book definitely ends on a cliffhanger and I feel like I need to know what comes next, and to find out if Iris actually discovers the truth behind the Chevaliers or not.

Overall I very much enjoyed The Lies Beneath by Bri Blackwood and I am very much looking forward to the sequel which will wrap up Iris and Soren’s story! I definitely recommend this read for my dark romance lovers.


By Danielle Plant

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