My Dark Romeo will be your next addiction

My Dark Romeo by Parker S. Huntington and LJ Shen is a romance I have been eagerly anticipating since it was announced. Not one, but two authors I love? Sign me up. This book contains so many things I’m obsessed with: enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, I would say some grumpy/sunshine, and the list goes on.

I low key loved Dallas and her shenanigans and fiery nature. This is not a meek girl who will let anyone just step all over her and do what they will while she accepts it quietly. Romeo thinks he can just force her into a marriage and she’ll take it like well raised debutante she’s supposed to be? That’s a hard no. She does what she can to get her revenge on Romeo, much to his chagrin and annoyance. She makes Romeo rue the day he chose her for his nefarious schemes and I lived for ever moment of it. Their battle of wills over children was part of the story I actually really enjoyed. Dallas has always wanted to be a mother, but finds herself trapped in a marriage with a man who vows to never carry on his family name. The reason this storyline was actually so enjoyable is because it really reflected Romeo’s weakening resolve towards Dallas as time went on. How the battle of wills when it came to children shifted over the course of the book was so reflective of Dallas and Romeo’s relationship and how much they grew as characters and I loved it.

Romeo wants to marry Dallas for two reason. One, his father stipulated that he must marry to inherit his company, and two, it hits his longtime rival right where it hurts; stealing his fiancée since childhood. The way these two butt heads is just art. I loved their every interaction, not to mention the tension between them constantly. I’m also so happy My Dark Romeo shares both Dallas’ point of view and Romeo’s because it wouldn’t have been nearly the fantastic story it is without a peek into both their eyes. Also, I got so much joy from the little snippets of text chats between Romeo and his closest buddies. Just one more thing about this book I absolutely lived for. The hilarity that managed to ensure in such small bits of chat is sheer art.

Honestly I don’t even know what to say I didn’t enjoy about this book. I loved every second of it, I loved the characters immensely, from Romeo to Dallas, to Zach and Oliver. I eagerly awaited every interaction that involved Oliver and Zach honestly. The tension, the spice, the evolving relationship between Dallas and Romeo just had me by the throat the whole book. I cared so much about them and their marriage, however much of a sham it started out as. I wanted to smack them over the head every time they had a misunderstanding or were obstinately avoiding their feelings. But in the best away. In the most invested way. Once I started this book I literally read it every second I had a chance to because I needed more and I needed to know what would happen between these characters. I cannot get enough of My Dark Romeo and I’m sad that it’s a stand-alone because of the obsession it generated in me. I will need to read this book many more times in future.

All that to say, for lovers of contemporary romance with enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, and marriages of convenience, don’t sleep on this incredible release because it’s going to be your next addiction!


By Danielle Plant

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