The Coven is a mind blowing start to a series

The Coven by Harper L. Wood is the witchy story I have long been waiting for. I honestly couldn’t have imagined something better myself and I am obsessed.

Willow and her family have spent all of her life hiding from the Coven, keeping Willow and her younger brother Ash a secret from them. Her mother and uncle want nothing to do with the Coven, and so they have done everything in their power to stay off their radar so the two children can be kept away from them. When Willow’s mother dies however, Willow sets forth to get the revenge her father has always wanted from them, and so she allows herself to be revealed to the other witches to be inducted into their school. She is also there to find something very important to her father’s side of the family, bones which are vital to their rare magic and stolen from them.

I could tell right from the start that Willow was a badass and that I was going to love her as the female main character. This stayed true all throughout the book, she started as an admirable fighter, with the sass to back it up and only got better as the book went on.

Gray, or Thorne, is the headmaster of the school and a Vessel. He and Willow butt heads from the second they meet and I loved every minute of it. He’s a rather sassy, bloodsucking immortal being that could definitely bite my neck any time. 


 The way he calls Willow love all while being antagonistic has me swooning.

When I say this book had me by the throat at every turn. The minute I started it I was absolutely sucked into the story and the world and I honestly had the hardest time stopping at any point. The Coven was addicting and all consuming, living in my thoughts even when I was no longer reading it and I flew through it, to the point that I was shocked by how much I had read through and dreading the end when I stopped at any point. The idea, the story, the world, the characters, everything about this book was just phenomenal and I’m so sad to have finished it. I need the next book and I need there to be a good deal of books in this series because I never want to leave this world. It’s the story of witches and demons that I’ve always craved, filled with a darkness that I’m obsessed with, and a twist on magic that I can’t get enough of. Harper L. Woods has given me everything my witch loving soul has dreamed of, with the darkness and sassy, strong characters with their own darkness that I am a sucker for.

And then there is. That. Ending. What in the actual heck did I even read? It’s not necessarily that some of the events were surprising, but more how it happened. I’m beside myself after finishing The Coven. I don’t know how I’m even supposed to wait until the next one. August!? That’s forever away. I need more of this world and these characters now because I can tell this book, and eventually series, is about to become my whole personality for a while. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Not only did it meet my expectations, but it blew them away. I’m over the moon with how fantastic The Coven was. What a mind blowing start to a series.


By Danielle Plant

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