Like Serial Killer Dark Romance? You’ll love Marrow

Marrow by Trisha Wolfe and Brynne Weaver first caught my eye because of the beautiful cover, which is very deceptive to the darkness contained within the story (although the image does have a connection to it).

What really sold me was realizing it was a serial killer dark romance, because this has been a recent favourite of mine (here’s looking at you Mindf*ck series).

The book had a bit of a slow start for me, not necessarily in the events taking place, just more in taking me a bit to really get into the story. Events do move at a relatively quick pace considering the length of the book, so it hops right into the thick of things almost immediately. That being the unveiling of two serial killers butting heads with one another over territory.

Marrow basically starts out as a battle of wits between these two serial killers, with the two of them working to one up each other, as well as to gain leverage to hold over the others head. When an FBI agent enters the field they also have to contend with keeping him off either of their tracks and this results in them kind of working together, though begrudgingly.

I enjoyed the fact that the two characters were a bit of a contrast between nature and nurture. Jack was born to be what made him into a serial killer, whereas Kyrie became one due to circumstances that happened to her and resulted in her seeking to put an end to those similar to the individual that harmed her. Furthermore, the wrap up to the book was satisfying as it all kind of came full circle which really worked for the story. Altogether this was a very enjoyable read and I do recommend it, though make sure to check the triggers before diving in, as it is a serial killer dark romance, so it isn’t exactly tame.


By Danielle Plant

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