The Fiancé Dilemma by Elena Armas was a very cute rom-com that had me laughing and swooning over the main characters. 

Josie was a quirky, hilarious, seemingly having it together yet also a certified mess of a character. I loved her. Although she owns her own business, a coffee shop, and is the (volunteer) mayor of her little town, she is not so together as far as her personal life goes.

She has four broken engagements under her belt and it shows with her hilarious nature when it comes to relationships of that magnitude. The way she was with Matthew, her sister’s best friend who she ropes into a fake engagement, had me loving every minute of their interactions and the hilarity that typically ensued. Meanwhile Matthew comes across as super together and unflustered despite his reluctance to be involved in the entire scheme and I felt they just matched so perfectly which had me loving every time they were together even more. 

I loved Matthew so much. He was so flirty and I loved that Adalyn, Josie’s sister, described him as someone who says inappropriate things because it was hilariously correct. I’m convinced he could charm absolutely anyone with his flirtatious nature, and on top of that he has a take no shit, filterless attitude that was appealing rather than outlandish. He was not afraid to speak up when he didn’t like something, which was such a saving grace because Josie wanted to please anyone, and Matthew was the epitome of saving her from herself and standing up for her despite their lack of prior relationship which made it so adorable. 

I honestly love the dynamic between these two more the further into the book I got. I’m also such a sucker for the fake dating trope and it was done so well in The Fiancé Dilemma. 

This was one I really ended up enjoying and found so adorable. The characters were so real and had their own issues that they spent the novel trying to overcome which made for such an engaging read. I definitely want to see more of these characters in future and hope they’ll appear in any future books in this series of standalones. 


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