The Nature of Disappearing by Kimi Cunningham Grant was a slow burn that really surprised me with how it hooked me in. 

I really didn’t know how this book was going to turn out for me initially. It has a slower build up without inundating the reader with unnecessary set up, but the slow, yet steady pace really works for the story. It manages not to spend too long on the pre-story before the point of the plot begins, and yet manages to give the reader the necessary backstory to really connect with characters and understand the relationships.

It does this by alternating between the main events; namely where Emlyn, the main character, is at in the present, while navigating the potential disappearance of an old friend; and in contrast, the initial forming of her relationships with both the missing friend, and her ex-boyfriend who has reappeared in Emlyn’s life to ask for her help in searching for Janessa. 

Interweaving the past with the present was very expertly done in my opinion. It really served to make me care for a character and a relationship that wasn’t present in the current timeline which is an impressive feat. It also left me wanting to know so much more about Janessa, particularly the sketchy circumstances leading up to her mysterious disappearance which were so subtle yet incredibly intriguing. It also left me desperately wishing Emlyn and Janessa would have a chance to rebuild their lost friendship after so many years, because it gave such a pure and wholesome glimpse into their past friendship left me sad they had drifted apart. I truly cared about the characters and very much wanted them all to be ok and have everything work out in the end. 

Another notable aspect to the character side of this book that I enjoyed was that you could really see Emlyn’s growth, not only from past to present timelines, but also from the start of the book to the finish. It’s very evident and makes Emlyn both of extremely real and relatable which only adds to the entire story. 

The Nature of Disappearing was definitely a book that snuck up on me and I came away from it pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. I did not expect it to be the standout novel it was and I can only highly recommend it to thriller fans. 


By Danielle Plant

An avid reader and runner. I like to spend my spare time with my dogs Reese and Orion.

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