Pepper Winters does not disappoint with Sapphire Scars

Sapphire Scars by Pepper Winters begins right where Emerald Bruises left off – in a moment of high tension. I was immediately sucked into this world because I have been eagerly anticipating the third book to find out what would happen.

The beginning of Sapphire Scars is action packed as the Jewels are being chased down by the Masters who have been promised the prize of being able to do whatever they want to the first one to catch and mark a Jewel. This makes for a lot of anxiety and an unputdownable read as Ily and the other Jewels run and try to remain hidden from the Masters, so they don’t have to endure unspeakable torture. Meanwhile, Henri is desperate to get to Ily first so that no one else can use and harm her, which gives the reader a enthralling look into his torn and volatile mind as he continues to fight between his true, twisted desires, and his feelings for Ily.

Sapphire Scars continues a series that has quickly become one that I absolutely need every page of. It honestly somehow gets better with each book as the plot continues to expand and become even more interesting. Part of this is the growing inner struggles of the characters which makes for such enthralling reading and makes it difficult not to feel for said characters. There is growth, there are setbacks, all of which is true to life, and despite the dark matter that this book revolves around and the darkness of Henri especially, it is difficult not to feel for and root for him.

As always, the characters are the most important part of this book and are what truly grab a hold of the readers emotions and make the entire journey worth every moment of struggle and darkness. Ily and Henri make this book, between their growth and the bond between them, they are everything. Henri struggles with his inner fight between loathing himself and his desires and embracing the darkness within. His possessiveness for Ily and the very real feelings he has for her that he refuses to acknowledge because of the weakness he feels it to be. He is a study in contrasts, and the difficulty he has in overcoming his own nature makes him so human and relatable in his own way. The fact that it is so difficult to dislike Henri despite the dark and awful things he is guilty of goes to show just how expertly his character is written.

Ily on the other hand continues to be such a beacon of bravery and I love what she has become. She has managed to become this warrior that refuses to sit back and accept her fate as a Jewel, and the way she has moved passed her anguish over being kidnapped and put into such a deplorable situation makes her a character impossible not to love and admire. She continues to grow into a character it’s impossible not to admire, and her tenacity in a situation most would give up in is everything I love about her. Though it might get dampened, she never truly loses that fiery spirit she started this series with, and that is the most beautiful thing about Ily.

The plot itself also continues to get even more intriguing somehow. In Sapphire Scars it has grown beyond the initial, important setup, and has now become one of expanding the world of the Jewels and the Masters. Getting more in depth into the way this world runs, and now more into the idea of rebelling on the Jewels’ part had me reading this book in every moment I could. I was hooked quite literally from page one, and the action didn’t stop straight up to the end.

And don’t let me forget the emotionally scarring cliffhanger of an ending that this series has become notorious for (at least for me). With it being the penultimate book in the series, Pepper Winters certainly couldn’t go easy on us readers with a tame ending. Frankly, it wouldn’t be the series I have grown to love so much if it didn’t end with an earth-shattering cliffhanger. Suffice it to say, I am once again eagerly (read desperately) awaiting the sequel, and the fate of the characters that I have come to love so deeply. Fingers crossed it won’t be a long wait.


By Danielle Plant

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