Her Dark Salvation by Katelyn Brehm is a compelling start to a new series with fresh and fun takes on my favourite tropes

Her Dark Salvation is a mafia romance, which I adore, but it’s a paranormal mafia romance!? Maybe I’m missing out on this particular genre, but this is my first and I loved it. Vampire-like demons combined with mafia? Sign me the heck up.

This book had some next level face fanning tension between the two main characters that had me addicted to their interactions. It was perfection. I’m also a sucker for dual point of view chapters alternating between the main characters, and I very much enjoyed this aspect of Her Dark Salvation, getting insight into each of their thoughts, particularly Marco’s who is a bit of an enigma, impossible to read from Anna’s perspective.

The mafia aspect of the story was much more predominant over the paranormal side and I actually liked the book far more for it. It makes it seem a much more natural part of the world without overwhelming the story itself and I thought it made the two different sides of the story mesh together much better.

Marco also had a very compelling backstory that is doled out bit by bit and gave insight into where he came from and what his long life has been like since his start. This made him a very interesting character and had me eager to learn more about him.

Anna herself was also one of my favourite parts of the book. She’s intelligent, brave as she completely overturns her life and career to pursue her passion, and she is relatable as hell. Nerve induced sweaty palmed queen representing us fellow anxious folk who can’t control the anxiety sweats in social situations. I died from laughter at one particular scene involving wiping said sweaty palms on expensive clothing in preparation for a handshake. Sans the expensive clothing part, can relate. Needless to say I felt very seen in Anna’s character. Another notable part of her is that she is in her fourties which I feel isn’t something I see often, if at all in this kind of genre, so it’s a breath of fresh air and I think really opens up the demographic this book will appeal to.

With the way this first book ended, with Marco making an important decision for his business and family, and the choice between him and Anna, I absolutely cannot wait for the next book. Not to mention Luca and Siobhan who I very much want to see more of and get more insight into their relationship. They definitely very deeply intrigued me outside of the two main characters and I’m obsessed with knowing more of their backstory. I am hooked and can’t wait for the second book!


By Danielle Plant

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