The Pucking Wrong Number by C. R. Jane is the perfect mix between hockey romance and stalker romance.

Hear me out on this. It’s the stalker being put in hockey that you didn’t know you needed. But wait, because it’s probably not the kind of stalker situation that you might expect from those words. As in, it’s not the hockey fan stalking the star hockey player, but rather the star hockey player stalking a woman he “meets” purely by chance.

It all starts when Monroe, a hard working, struggling to make ends meet young woman who works multiple jobs while attending college, receives a random text from an unknown number. Rather than ignoring it, she responds and grows to really enjoy the texts from this stranger until they eventually meet. For Monroe the entire thing is happenstance, but for Lincoln, the mysterious figure on the other end of the phone, it stops being purely by chance from the moment he figures out who he’s been talking to. So begins the obsession, and a series of events that he arranges to meet his own desires.

I actually really enjoyed this book very early on, despite being adamant that I’d never be in to the whole sports romance genre that seems to have become big as of late, here I am, multiple sports romances deep and no clear end in sight. Throw in stalker romance and I’m doomed, because this is a genre I’ve long enjoyed as is (don’t judge me people). There were moments I started to feel like this book was going on a bit too long, and then near the end a certain scenario felt a bit rushed to me (just because of the situation and how quickly it seemed to be resolved) but all in all I really did enjoy this read. It has me curious enough to see the next standalone installment in the series as well.

For those out there who are already fans of the sports romance genre, especially hockey is a personal favourite of mine, this will likely be a very enjoyable read. And if you’re into stalker romance, than this is the perfect mix. I do recommend!


By Danielle Plant

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