Red Island by A. A. Dark was full of non-stop tension from start to finish.

It had a hard time putting this book down because I needed answers on what would happen to all the characters. No one felt safe.

For anyone looking to start this book, please make sure to check the triggers as it is not an easy book to read at times, and therefore not for everyone. I for one very much enjoyed this latest installment in the dark, evil world A. A. Dark has created. As dark and corrupt as it is, it’s so hard to turn away from these books and I once again found myself enthralled by the world she has created and the story she spins.

Now, for anyone who has read an A. A. Dark book before, you know the men she writes are very dark at heart. Gavin, AKA The Dragon, is no exception. This darkness in these men written is what makes them so appealing, however, and what makes myself at least need to keep reading on. There manages to be a bit of pureness amongst all this terror and horror though, in the way these men love their woman with all their being. His love for Layla is what makes Gavin human, and such a successful main character. I loved every minute of his overwhelming love for Layla, and the lengths he would go for her. Not least because she is the light to his darkness and it seemed like the only thing that kept him from entirely embracing the worst side of himself.

Layla is quite simply one of the toughest cookies I may have ever read about. Without going too deep into spoiler territory, she goes through some hell and then some, and she fights tooth and nail every step of the way. Her perseverance was out of this world and I sincerely admired her for everything she endured.

There are a lot of tough moments throughout this book but the journey is certainly worth it. I was completely sucked in to this book and could not put it down. I very much resented the need to work and be a functioning adult when I did have to put it down. But I had to sneak in every extra second I could just to continue with this book and see what would end up happening. Needless to say, I was not disappointed and I enjoyed Red Island immensely. I am so ready for more of this world and cannot wait for A. A. Dark’s next release.


By Danielle Plant

An avid reader and runner. I like to spend my spare time with my dogs Reese and Orion.

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