Star Bringer by Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft exceeded all my expectations

Ohh man where to even start?

The synopsis had me at its reference to Firefly, and honestly it was such an apt comparison. Think Firefly, but with a much younger cast and not as dark as the show can get. Despite how young the majority of the characters are, there still manages to be the hardened bitterness of certain characters that you might expect from a tale that takes place in space with a group of misfits, some of whom have had to do some questionable things to stay alive.

As serious as the danger and mission that this ragtag group takes on is, it’s even better because of how comedic they still manage to be. With such a strange and quite frankly vastly different group of people that wind up on this unexpected space trip, there is bound to be some seriously clashing personalities and beliefs. It just serves to lighten the moment when you have a princess interacting with basically anyone else on the ship, having her very different upbringing and understanding of the world rub more than a few people the wrong way. Or a priestess who is naively innocent to the world and somehow manages to cozy up with the hardened criminal. It’s just fantastic from start to finish watching this group of characters interact with one another, and somehow actually grow to work together as a unit and… not hate each other!?

And the romance. When I say I was an immediate big time shipper of more than one coupling happening right from the moment they set eyes on each other, I’m not even exaggerating. Ian, the broody yet sexy mercenary had my heart a-swooning from the moment he entered the scene. And damn straight I was all in on the intense chemistry and sexual tension between him and the Princess, Kali. My god it just jumped off the pages between them. But then there was also Rain and Beckett. I loved this potential as soon as these two characters started interacting because it just epitomized the grumpy x sunshine and just the idea of these two together was too adorable for me to handle. I’m also a sucker for this trope so for both couples I was immediately fingers crossed that they would come to be.

But beyond this, I was honestly just straight up obsessed with the characters individually. It was such a motley crew, and yet somehow worked so well together. They all brought something to the crew and to the story, and I just could not get enough of their interactions, or of each different point of view from one chapter to the next. I’m so obsessed with these characters and need more of them. Endless amounts more. Needless to say I cannot wait for the sequel. Both to get more of these characters, and to get answers to the questions that the end of the book brought up. I didn’t think Star Bringer could get any more tense, but boy did the ending prove me wrong. All this to say, run to get Star Bringer because you will devour it, and you will enjoy every minute of it. Definitely worth the read.


By Danielle Plant

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