I need the sequel to Fate of a Royal by Amo Jones and Meagan Brandy now please

Well. That ending. It was as captivating as it was mean. I sure hope the sequel is going to be out soon, because with the way that Fate of a Royal by Amo Jones and Meagan Brandy ended I absolutely need the second book ASAP.

It leaves the reader with more questions than it does answers, dropping a few bombs right in the final few lines. But kudos to both the authors because while I had no doubt that I wanted more of this series pretty early on in starting this book, the ending left me absolutely ravenous for more of this paranormal world with all its mysteries and intrigue.

Fate of a Royal follows London, a Giftless by the standards of magic folk who either fall under the category of Stygian or Argent, and Knight, part of the ruling family of Stygian’s. These two develop a connection that neither of them wants to acknowledge, and they keep coming back to one another despite their mutual hatred, which results in some steamy encounters. This book reeled me in with its theme of dark romance and magical storyline to boot, as this is a genre I haven’t seen a lot of myself, but have become very much intrigued by with the combination of two favourites, fantasy and dark romance. I didn’t know quite what to expect from it but it had me with the genre, as well as the promise of fated mates, enemies to lovers and pitch black storyline.

It did have a bit of a slow start for me, as it took a bit of time to actually get in to any actual story or to start building the blocks that really made this an intriguing read, but if you give it the time to build itself up and start building the world, it is not at all a disappointment. So if you find it to be a slow start, keep going because it does pick up and it’s worth the wait. 

There are so many threads left hanging of mostly background storylines that the book gives a taste of without going into depth that I desperately need some more history from this world these two genius authors have created. I can only hope they will flesh the details out more as the series go on because these are the bits and pieces that had me most intrigued with this book. For example, it just barely scraped the surface of the world that the Deveraux brothers were raised in, giving just enough details to hook the reader, but not enough to really be able to connect all the dots or fully form an idea of this magical world they come from. It’s very much centered in the human world and I NEED to get more of the magical world in future books.

Also, there is the contrast between the two different factions of magic, aka Stygian, or dark, and Argent, or light magic. We get this basic information but don’t get to dive deeper into what that looks like or how their people might differ as far as type of magic and possible rules they have for themselves. I would love to see more of this. And there’s just straight history I cannot wait to get more of. History of fated mates, of a tragedy that clearly happened to the Deveraux family but is only hinted at in very obtuse terms until pretty much the very end. Of the magic worlds version of a serial killer, that is again, named in passing but no details on what actually happened or why are given, which I think will maybe be revealed as we begin to learn more about this other world. There is just SO MUCH I want to know more about. I cannot wait for this series to continue because I believe it could go on and become very in depth and very enrapturing the more it grows. I’m so excited for more.

I don’t want to delve too deeply into the plot itself, or too much detail as I believe this book is best experienced going in as blind as possible, but for the dark romance lovers out there, who enjoy a magical twist, this is the perfect book for you and these are two authors that do not diss appoint. I highly recommend and I feel like this is a series that will only get better as it goes along.


By Danielle Plant

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