Guardian of the Drowned Empire is a perfect sequel

I’m reeling a little bit after finishing Guardian of the Drowned Empire. So much happened, particularly in the last half of the book. I had a number of theories from the first book, Daughter of the Drowned Empire, going into this book, and some were actually confirmed by the end. But let me reiterate. So. Much. Happens. Part of me doesn’t even know where to start because my mind is just a whirlwind after turning the last page.

I lived for the fact that there was much more visible tension between Rhyan and Lyr all throughout this book. The bonds that they have forged are much clearer as time passes and every instance that this showed made me so gleeful because I can’t get enough of how far the two of them have come together.

Despite everything working against her, Lyr grows so much over the course of the second book, both in physical and mental strength which endeared her to me even more than the first book did. She continues to be a main character that I truly adore, overcoming so much that has been thrown at her and persisting despite the difficulties she is forced to endure.

Both the Emartis and the akadim become dangerous in this sequel. The Emartis threaten Lyr in particular as she is the easiest heir to reach, and they amp up their attacks on the city. Meanwhile the akadim appear to be banding together, as if communicating which is behaviour they have never displayed before, and makes them even more of a threat to everyone. Actually getting a closeup description of these creatures for the time was so creepy and mind boggling. I hadn’t realized before how they actually retained some semblance of their humanity in appearance and this threw me for a loop. They’re so convincing creepy and horrifying.

Tristan’s presence in Lyr’s life continued to annoy me as he seemed to grow more childish and selfish the more time passed. And let’s be honest here, because he constantly got in between of Lyr and Rhyan. Then there’s Mercurial, the suspicious Afeya from the first book, always slinking around and clearly up to something. I don’t trust him and his motives at all, and am desperate to know what he wants from Lyr after the events that took place in this book. On that note, there are so many little mysteries and ideas that were opened up in the story for this book, and I absolutely need to know more, and to find out if any of the theories I’ve developed have any truth to them.

And ohhhhh the reveals! Some previous theories were validated and I yelled out loud at two in particular. The validation though. Without going into any details, you must pick up this book, and if you haven’t started the series yet, then the whole series because it is a wild, fantastical ride that is impossible to put down once you get started. I flew through this sequel even faster than I did Daughter of the Drowned Empire. There were even some heart wrenching moments that I was not at all expecting to affect me so much but whooo boy. And on a final note, the ending actually gave me chills. Chills. You can bet I’m diving into the third book immediately.


By Danielle Plant

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