Blood Sanctuary blew me away

Blood Sanctuary Part 1 by Vela Roth was another delightful sequel in the Blood Grace series. I continue to blown away by this series and I can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t read Blood Mercy yet, and you love fantasy and romance, please do pick these books up!

This third book presented more background and history on the Hesperines which is something I desperately wanted. I felt I gained much more insight into them as a people as the story continued to take place in their lands. The development was essential to the story and Cassia’s learning. Seeing her interacting with not only Lio’s family, but other Hesperines that he is particularly close with, was beautiful as she interacts with them flawlessly and they are so accepting of her, when her own people never have been and never would be of the pairing.

Cassia continues to be such a pleasant main character to follow (and of course Lio does as well) and I love how adept she is at navigating politics. She is a force to be reckoned with against powerful men who believe they know all, and I live for every moment she goes head to head with anyone and shocks them by coming out on top every time. She proves again and again her intelligence and her desire to stay alive and yet help anyone and everyone she feels deserves to have a voice She is always putting them above herself. She epitomizes everything I want in a main character and continues to be a worthy individual to follow.

The bonds that are formed throughout the course of this third book are so pure and beautiful to see grow. There is one particular scene where Cassia’s new friendships really shine through and show the purity of the friendships and connections that developed that I was honestly a bit teary on her behalf. The way this scene showed how subtly these relationships grew so incredibly strong in a short period of time was perfectly done. It was so real and so adorable. And as always Lio proves himself to be the kindest, most supportive of souls when it comes to Cassia that I couldn’t help but fall even more for him.

I am just in awe of the Blood Grace series and I cannot recommend it enough. When I first saw that this third book was part one of two, I was very nervous that it would have a brutal cliffhanger, but I’m here to reassure you that it in fact does not. It ends on a very sweet note, so no need to worry you’ll be thrown for a loop at the very end!


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