Zero Days by Ruth Ware had me tense from start to finish

Zero Days is fast paced and filled with the kind of thrilling events that mark the best kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat whodunnit experience. I feel like it’s been a while since a book of this genre kept me this intrigued and terrified for the main character while also rooting her on to find out the true culprit.

Jack sets out on the run to find out who murdered her husband, and the book is rife with tension as she tries to evade the police continuously. It was this constant fear of being caught by the authorities that really hit home the terror and the need to keep reading to see if Jack would make it away from them so she could prove her innocence and find out who really killer her husband.

There were a number of twists and turns, some I saw coming, others not so much, but they always made sense for the story and were enjoyable to keep reading. I swear poor Jack couldn’t catch a break and I found myself just wanting her to have a couple minutes of peace, but alas this was not to be the case as the story kept going at a breakneck pace, leaving no time for easy moments. On top of every else, there was so much potent emotion behind the story with Jack forced to deal with the heartbreak of coping with her husbands death while fighting for her own life and freedom. I felt so much emotion for her and the agony she had to endure, yet she was so incredibly strong, managing to keep going with the intent of finding the real killer, which made me love her and enjoy reading her story even more. She’s also incredibly resourceful and super smart which just made her an even more interesting character to follow.

I will say there was a part of the ending I found a bit cliche, but it wasn’t enough to ruin the book for me by any means. It also manages to sum things up quite nicely which left for a very satisfying ending. Altogether I did very much enjoy this read and I can’t wait to see what Ruth Ware comes out with next!


By Danielle Plant

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