What Lurks Between the Fates is very enjoyable, very dark and highly recommended

With the way that I loved What Hunts Inside the Shadows, you’d best believe I dove directly into What Lurks Between the Fates by Harper L. Woods as soon as I could. I needed answers after the cliffhanger the second book left us on. And frankly, those answers were just as dark and horrifying as one could expect them to be with this series. 

I did find the third book had a bit of a slow start, for all that the ending of the previous book had me expecting it to be tense and action packed. That’s not to say it didn’t have its moments, just that it felt a bit slower paced than the other books and I wanted something more to start happening. 

Of course I continued to love Caldris, because I’m all about those morally grey/let’s be real, super dark character types. Especially in my males. I am what I am. The lengths he will go to for love are just everything to me, and his badassery besides makes for an irresistible character. He continues to prove himself in this book and show his depths, which just makes me want more of him. I was very happy that his POV chapters that were introduced in the second book not only continued, but were actually more frequent in this book. Reading the second book I had wanted there to be more of them, and that was granted in this third book much to my contentment. 

Estrella is a character I feel has come a long way. In What Lies Beyond the Veil she starts out as such a simple, normal seeming girl who is a construct of her society as far as beliefs and prejudices. However, with her eyes being opened up the larger world, she has learned to form her own opinions and grow as a being. She also becomes such a fighter and so tough and my respect for her really grew, and I loved seeing her become this individual who could fight her own battles and didn’t need someone else to rescue her. And I love her newfound bond with both Imelda and Fallon. 

I loved how dark this book truly was, because of the events that took place the tone of the novel amped that darkness up a lot in this third book. It was tough to read at times because of this, but I live for books that make me feel so much, and which amp the tension the reader feels throughout the entirety. And let me tell you there were a lot of moments I was anxious and beside myself reading What Lurks Between the Fates. Which, let’s be real, did not even let up for the ending. I thought the last book had a brutal cliffhanger, well this one officially takes the cake. I don’t know how I’m supposed to wait to read more now. 

All together this was a very enjoyable, very dark read and I highly recommend it, particularly to fans of this series!


By Danielle Plant

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