The Hannaford Prep series was a pleasant surprise

I have so many thoughts on the Hannaford Prep series by J. Bree. I had heard about it quite a while ago but had put off starting it for a couple reasons.

For starters, realizing it took place in high school made me a bit reluctant to start, as I tend to struggle reading about young characters (yes, I realize this makes me sound old), I’m also a mood reader which means I have to be in the right mindset for certain books and it just took me a while to get to the high school, bullying, reverse harem mindset to go into this book.

But let me tell you, once I started I couldn’t believe I waited so long to finally dive into these books. What really helped was the fact that these characters do not read as teenagers, which does make me wish they were more the age they acted rather than it being a high school setting. It definitely could have been in college instead, but regardless, it is so worth the read. The romance as I said, is a reverse harem, though it is super slow burn, though it somehow makes it even more worth it. I loved all the guys, and Lips was a very strong, badass main female character which was fantastic to read. 

Lips as it turns out is part of a criminal underground organization, and is one of its leaders as the Wolf. This is the part of the story I had absolutely no idea about going in, and it made the series so much more interesting and less school oriented which is what made it seem so much more adult. On top of that, it also drove the plot with all of the drama that came along with being a leader of criminal activity, as well as the mystery and danger that came with the position. Lips also has her fair share of stalkers and questionable people to deal with which always kept things interesting. 

To sum it up, go out and pick this series up now! Don’t be like me and put it off because of uncertainty. It’s a wild ride and totally worth it! Once you start it’s difficult to stop. 


By Danielle Plant

An avid reader and runner. I like to spend my spare time with my dogs Reese and Orion.

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