Sirena Knighton’s Wedded to the Warlord is a fun, light read

I jumped on the chance to read Wedded to the Warlord based on the description (I love me an only one bed trope) and a desire for something light to read after a bunch of intense books. The description convinced me this was just the book I was looking for, hopefully with plenty of romance. Wedded to the Warlord is the first book in a series, with each book being something of a stand-alone following different couples.

This book ended up being much more than this. There was lots of politics which is something that always draws me in, and the difficulties and tensions that come with being forced into an arranged marriage and learning to adapt to a new place with contrasting beliefs and points of view.

Often I can get a little frustrated with slow burn romances, but this one was done in such a way that felt right for the couple and that I didn’t really notice in the same way. The tension between Tristan and Mallika was so good and I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed as they navigated getting to know each other after already being wed, and tried to navigate the difficulties of an arranged marriage while figuring out if they could actually be happy in their new lives. Their relationship and its growth was definitely the highlight of this book while they both overcame their own concerns with the situation and learn to work together as a unit.

I will say when I started reading this book I was quite confused initially about everything happening in the opening chapter. This may have been just me being tired, but I felt like I had been thrown into the middle of a conversation and was left to pick out from the bits and pieces to figure out for myself what was going on. It was mostly the context of what had happened with Prince Sekhar that went a bit over my head but that does get clarified further into the book when more detail on the matter comes from Mallika.

On that note, things really pick up the pace near the end of the book when a number of visitors come to the Keep to determine how well the match between Mallika and Tristan is turning out. Prince Sekhar’s plans for Mallika are revealed at the hands of his most trusted man, Rana, and battle ensues that really makes it hard to stop reading. Without giving anything away, much happens and the end of the book leaves the story very much open as far as the politics of the realm go, and greedy Kings trying to gain more land than they are owed, however the story between Mallika and Tristan is wrapped up quite nicely. It does leave me wanting to read the sequel to find out where the main plot will lead, especially based on the epilogue.

If you’re looking for something with heavy romance, but also a larger plot at hand filled with politics, go out and pick up Wedded to the Warlord by Sirena Knighton because it was a very nice read!


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