Lisa Unger’s Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six is a wonderful locked room mystery

A big thanks for the ARC and the chance to read this book ahead of its release.

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six was very atmospheric right from the start. The setting itself was such an essential part to the story because it immediately set the tone of the novel and somehow managed to be so creepy even though it was supposedly such a beautiful location. The combination of the lack of outside communication because it was in the middle of nowhere with spotty connection, and obviously even just the fact that they were so isolated because it was away from other people and places. Then there were the chapters thrown in from POV characters who were watching the renters from afar just made things even more chilling amidst the chapters for the main characters themselves.

I was really excited about this book because it was advertised as a locked room mystery, which is a genre I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I really did end up enjoying it, it was very horror/thriller movie-like in the sense of a group of people vacationing together with sinister characters lurking in the shadows that they are unaware of, watching, but in book form. I will say, at times it felt like there were far too many different POV characters, which got confusing at times for me when I had walked away from this book for a bit and would come back and not remember who the side story characters were (this was mostly the characters with questionable motives watching the group of friends, plus a past storyline that in the beginning was not clear on how it connected to the greater storyline). But I still enjoyed it despite any initial confusion.

Without getting into spoiler territory, I will say the chapters that took place in the past started getting VERY interesting to me in Part Two. After the first chapter I was so intrigued by what was unfolding that I wanted to race ahead and see what was revealed. This was the point of no return for me because I could not put the book down once I hit Part Two. I had one of those “rough waking up the next morning because I stayed up too late reading” kind of moments.

The ending wrapped things up nicely, and had all of the different POVs come together so they made sense in the end. This was a very good read in my opinion and I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy creepy thrillers.

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six comes out November 8th and is available for preorder on Amazon



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