Ruins of Sea and Souls by Lisette Marshall has me desperate for more.

I’m utterly surprised to say, I think this might be my favourite installment in the series thus far. (I say surprised because it’s always strange to me when I love a sequel more than the first book in a series I love).

Perhaps one of my favourite things (besides Creon obviously) was getting to experience more of the “side characters” so to speak. While this series very much started with a focus on Emelin and Creon, there are a number of characters that have since been introduced that have grown so much with the series that I would have been so disappointed not to get more time with them. I was genuinely so happy when a fairly large group of them set off on their quest together because I didn’t want to see them left behind. I was not disappointed. The found family trope is top tier in this book and I so madly love how much they genuinely care for one another with everything they go through together. And never thought I would love Edored and his bond with Emelin as much as I now do.

I will say I was so incredibly frustrated with Emelin and how she managed herself with Creon. However, I felt this was reasonably explained and really worked towards Emelin’s growth and past trauma which opened my eyes a little to her experiences. Regardless, I will say I was so crazy anxious about their relationship for so much of this book between miscommunications and people getting in the way of the two of them with their unneeded, yet good intentions.

Creon. Ohh Creon. I love this Fae so much. My absolute favourite thing about him has to be the fact that he is a straight up drama queen. I live for how dramatic he can be, even with hand signs (and writing) as his only voice. My love for him just keeps growing every book and the only thing missing is chapters from his point of view.

The ending. My lord that ending. It gave me such chills and quite honestly made me tear up. I don’t even know how to wait for the next book with how things left off. I absolutely need more. I highly recommend checking out this series for the fantasy fans out there! This series just continues to get better with each book and the characters just keep growing and taking a little more of my heart the more time I spend with them. Start the Fae Isles series today if you haven’t already! If you have, prepare yourself for a wild ride with Ruins of Sea and Souls.


By Danielle Plant

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