I wasn’t prepared for how much Seeking Stalker by A. A. Dark became everything I needed and more

Here’s the thing about me. I have a – perhaps unhealthy – love of stalker dark romance. So when I started reading Seeking Stalker by A. A. Dark I was so amped up for what was to come. I mean, come on, with a name like that you just know I was sold on it instantly.

Now here’s the other thing, as much as I love stalker romances, they have to be done right for me to really fall in love with them. And Seeking Stalker it just so happens ended up being one of those dark romances that absolutely blew me away and very much exceeded my expectations. I mean I thought it was going to be good, but even I wasn’t prepared for how much it actually turned out to be everything I wanted and so far beyond.

June and Rhett both were such fantastic characters that I was immediately intrigued by. There’s June, who has these forbidden desires she wants to indulge in, inviting in a stalker. Then there is Rhett, who takes her up on this offer despite his own misgivings of unleashing the beast he has for so long tries to contain. There’s his mysterious past that is hinted at throughout the course of the book that had me desperate to know his background and what had led him to the point in his life he is at, and the fear of who he has been and could be again. Together June and Rhett were impossible to turn away from. I started Seeking Stalker and could not stop until I turned the last page I was so sucked in to the story.

One of the things that pleasantly surprised me the most was how much I ended up loving some of the more secondary characters as well. I suspect the ones I loved are individuals we will see more of in future books, but the fact that they jumped off of the pages at me so vibrantly while playing such a small role in June and Rhett’s story really goes to show the masterful writing that takes place here. To counter this point, there’s also one character that I absolutely could not stand and just wanted to smack upside the head every time they were in a scene (you know who you are) and this was also just so perfect because that’s exactly how you should feel about the character. My point being that the emotions that just reading about this character on the page made me feel were so strong and so real that it just made this book even more immersive and perfect.

And the best part of Seeking Stalker? There are two options for readers. There’s the A. A. Dark Pitch Black version (see the authors ratings to understand where Pitch Black lies in terms of darkness) and there’s the Alaska Angelina version which is dark romance. I read the A. A. Dark version and am completely obsessed (perhaps stalking this book obsessed?) and I cannot wait to read the dark romance version now. Because you’d better believe I’m going to.

To sum it up, if you’re a fan of darker romance, please go out and pick this book up because it was just perfection and I now cannot get enough of it. I’m so excited to turn around and read the second version of Seeking Stalker now to see just how different it is because I am not ready to be done with this world and these two characters in particular. I can’t wait to see how their story goes in the other version because this one had me hooked.


By Danielle Plant

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