I had a hard time putting The Marriage Auction down

I have been super excited for The Marriage Auction by Audrey Carlan since I stumbled across its upcoming release and presence on Kindle Vella. I have a sick fascination with stories that revolve around marriage competition type things, and this seemed like a similar vibe with the twist that the “competitors” are simply being auctioned off rather than in competition to marry someone. With this different take on this idea, I knew I had to see how this book turned out.

The story starts with each chapter introducing the reader to the individuals who have joined the Marriage Auction to be sold to buyers for various reasons. Each characters chapter explores said reasons for needing the money or needing the escape the auction grants as they are readied up for main event (ie. makeovers and wardrobe). The story then proceeds through each characters auction as they are put in front of the bidders and find out if anyone has an interest in purchasing them. The story then takes a turn to the bidders themselves and their personal reasons for bidding on a wife and how they view the woman they eventually end up purchasing.

Each of the ladies being put up for auction with a chapter have unique stories and reasons for needing the money that comes with being chosen. I loved how they all had their own, equally meaningful motivations for being there and how it played into both who they were as individuals, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they needed. It made it easy to relate with their reasons for being there and feel sympathy that they felt the need to sell off three years of their lives in marriage to a complete stranger, not simply because it was a coveted position as usually seems to be the case in bachelor/bachelorette like competitions. They were all there despite it meaning they had to marry a stranger, not because of the marriage itself.

The rest of the book basically shows the couples starting out on their journeys together heading towards their marriages and getting to know one another. I really, really enjoyed Season One of The Marriage Auction. It was a light, fluffy kind of read while also managing to be very interesting and having an air of mystery with each individual’s background and own personal story. I’m very much looking forward to reading the next in the series because I had a hard time putting this one down and cannot wait to pick it up!

By Danielle Plant

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