Hunting Adeline broke me but the journey was worth it

This. Book. Hunting Adeline is one of those reads that no matter the words I write, they will never do it justice. It’s somehow even better than the first book in the series. H. D. Carlton knocks the tough topics in this novel out of the park and proves her prowess as a writer.

H. D. Carlton is the master of making her readers fall head over heels for some morally questionable male POV characters. Particularly in Haunting Adeline where you feel like you really shouldn’t be rooting for Zade, and yet there you are, immediately obsessed. Taken in by his stalker charm. Where the sequel in the duology excels further is in showing Zade’s heroic side, and that he’s so much more than the obsessed stalker you get in the first book. His character has so much more depth and the motivations behind a lot of his actions come to light steadily but surely throughout the duology.

Adeline on the other hand was a character who I had no questions about liking and supporting right from the start. She’s a badass who learns to explore her darker side. She can stand up for herself against Zade despite his extremely dark tendencies, and in Hunting Adeline she goes through hell and back. Adeline completely resonated with me as a main character. I felt everything when it came to Adeline. Every little emotion for everything that she is put through here had me absolutely breaking for her as I read. I was on the emotional edge of my seat, filled with so much heartbreak and agony for Adeline, teary one moment, filled with fear the next, constantly feeling chills.

Without giving away too much about the plot, there is one particular moment where Zade and Adeline reunite with one another and I was absolutely beside myself with emotion. I was filled with happiness, but at the same time such crushing devastation and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.

This book is a monster but I devoured it because it was impossible to put down. There is so much character growth and while the plot is important, it’s equally as hard to read at points. This book is most definitely not for the weak of heart because it ventures into some pretty tough topics and will put you through the ringer the entire way through, but it is so worth it. I highly recommend Hunting AND Haunting Adeline for dark romance lovers, and anyone who is willing to try something darker and can handle triggers.

H. D. Carlton is an incredible author and I will forever recommend her books, and Hunting Adeline is definitely the top of the list for me.

By Danielle Plant

An avid reader and runner. I like to spend my spare time with my dogs Reese and Orion.

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