Fate of a Faux has great characters and I need more of them.

Fate of a Faux by Amo Jones and Meagan Brandy starts off with a bang. I was hooked by the end of the second chapter as this book starts off with a violent murder that creates a lot of questions and has me intrigued by what those answers might be.

I felt like this second book was much more fast paced than the first, Fate of a Royal, which made it more enjoyable for me as I was more interested and therefore had a harder time turning away. As a lot has been set up in the first book, world building and plot-wise, this makes a lot of sense and felt like a natural progression for the series.

This sequel was everything I was hoping would come of further books into the series. As I stated in my previous review of Fate of a Faux, the only thing I found lacking from the first book was more of this supernatural world itself and history, knowledge, just delving deeper into the world these two incredible authors have created. This book gave me that and more. There was more information on things from the first book, mysteries about what had occurred in the past of these characters and the history of other characters brought up right at the end of the book that fed my curiousity and gave me the information I so desperately craved.

Not to mention a deadly, dark game to win the prince. I’m a sucker for the competition to win the bachelors heart (or in this case the chance to rule beside him) and this was everything I could have hoped for to engage me in the plot. Considering it was for the Stygian King-to-be’s bride it was so much darker than the other completions of this nature I have read previously and I was there for it. Between this and the strife and tension between London and Knight, it made the book hard to put down and I must say, this sequel in this particular duology was even better than the first in my opinion. I definitely loved that it was all about this unique world rather than spending a majority of time in the normal, mortal world as the first book did, so this elevated the book and the plot for me immediately.

One thing I would say that tripped me up in reading this book is that sometimes I felt like the story jumped around in a manner that had me confused as to what I missed. This could just be me, but at times I felt like part of the story was missing or like I had skipped a chapter because the change in the story from chapter to chapter could be so abrupt. It also made me feel like you could, at times like this, tell that it was written by two different authors because it didn’t feel completely cohesive as a result. The plot itself seemed rather quick in wrapping things up too, like it was being rushed to an end, but not in an unbelievable or too many things left unexplained kind of way. But I do love both the authors and I still find their writing incredible and I absolutely eat it up.

I believe the next potential couple may have been hinted at in this book, and I’m honestly very much looking forward to it if does end up being them. One is probably my favourite of the brothers, and the other is an awesome, badass new character that I ended up really enjoying. I can’t wait to see the next set of books in this world and fingers crossed that it does end up being these two featured in it because I absolutely need more of both of them.


By Danielle Plant

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