Dead of Winter was a fun quick read

Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates caught my eye as I felt in the mood for something of the horror genre, and this sounded like it would be a fantastic fit. I will say it definitely hit a lot of the areas I was really looking for in this vein and I quite enjoyed certain aspects of it. I would highly recommend this book for someone looking for some good horror movie, blood and fire type vibes as it was definitely an A+ in terms of that.

Where this book worked well, is in the sheer terror and tension it elicited in the reader all throughout. I honestly feel like I spent a vast majority of this book clenching my teeth because I was so affected by everything the characters were going through. There were so many moments that had me so tense. I also found their sense of paranoia creeping in to me, I was back and forth guessing who might be the culprit murdering people and felt like small things would set me off on one character or another until I felt just like Christie, whose POV this book is in, unable to trust anyone. Which emphasizes the fact that the author did a very good job of keeping the reader guessing all throughout. I was admittedly very surprised when an early theory of mine ended up being true, despite constantly jumping around being suspicious of everyone.

Where it lacked a bit more for me was probably in the characters. I found it very hard to connect with any of them or truly feel sorry for them. Admittedly this may very well be intentional both to generate suspicion, and to lead up to the climax, but regardless it took me out of it a bit. Beyond that, the start was a bit slow for me as it took a bit before I really got into the story (though I flew through the end which is where I felt this book truly shone.

Altogether it was a nice, quick read with a strong air of horror and I did enjoy it in the end. I definitely do recommend it for lovers of horror because it was fantastic in this aspect, and it is a tense, murder filled read with the main character trying to figure out who the killer is. All in all, this was enjoyable and a quick read.


By Danielle Plant

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