Attached at the Hip by Christine Riccio caught me off guard and kept me happy the entire time.

The concept, Survivor but make it romance had me wanting to read it immediately but I somehow loved it even more than I expected.

Orie and Remy’s interactions with one another literally had me laughing out loud. This was hands down my favourite part of this book because it had me cackling. As a fellow socially awkward hot mess, I could relate to Orie a little too much every time she opened her mouth around Remy. It was pure perfection. But honestly, with every new character Orie spent time with, I found myself enjoying each new person and the relationship that Orie built with them in their time together. It was so difficult to pick a clear favourite because I ended up feeling deeply for them all, a testament to how strong each individual character was and how important the characters were to the story.

There was so much about this book that made it impossible to put down and just hooks the reader in immediately. I love that as far as timeline it counts the days down essentially, but even more attention grabbing was the script-like confessionals etc. that followed chapters when the contestants were mid-competition. I love these little bits both as a break between chapters, and as the little bits of insight they gave into each contestants mindset and game plans. I knew I was going to very much enjoy this book immediately when I came across the first one.

There were so many aspects to this book that were pure perfection as far as I was concerned. Not only those points mentioned above, but also simply the fact that this was a spin on Survivor. As someone who loved this show when I was young, this book was both an awesome throwback, and a whole new experience at the same time with the twists to the competition. It just made it even better in my eyes (hello romance). Attached at the Hip was for sure the kind of book that I did not want to put down until I finished it because I got that hooked on it so quickly.

As I’ve mentioned, I loved the various relationships shown in the book, they each had their own aspects that made them so heartwarming, but beyond that, the character growth was so satisfying. And not just for Orie (although hers was obviously a stand out and both so real and important to her as a character). Without naming names, there were other beyond Orie who had such meaningful growth from the start of the competition to the reunion. It made all the struggles and uncertainty worth it and had me coming away from the book feeling like they got the resolution they all deserved.

To summarize, I really, REALLY enjoyed this read and quite frankly I was taken by surprise by just how much I loved it. This story still sits with me even after finishing and I low key wish that the author would write another Attached at the Hip story with new characters because the Survivor loving reality tv competition enjoyer in me wants to see another “season” so to speak. Please?


By Danielle Plant

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