A Song of Shadow and Starlight by Morgan Gauthier was a fun start to a new series.

On the eve of her wedding to her childhood friend, Bastian, Princess Ilaria discovers an assassination attempt which results in her kidnapping.

Much to Princess Ilaria’s (otherwise known as Shaye) surprise, she ends up teaming up with her kidnappers to find out who she really is when she discovers she might not have been given the full truth previously.

I honestly loved the banter between characters so much, right from the start. As much as Shaye is a spoiled little princess and shows her entitlement and spoiled nature at times, she is whip fast in terms of her wit and she always has a snappy comeback, especially when she’s butting heads with Atlas. I loved the dynamic between these two especially, although the witty banter extended beyond just these two to encompass all three brothers, Nyx and Finn, as well. Everyone meshed together so well and it felt like they had all known each other for years and I just enjoyed how smoothly everyone worked as a unit.

I will say I felt it moved a bit fast, in the sense that it felt as if things that could have been stretched out were kind of raced through rather than enjoying the plot and letting the reader become immersed in the depth of it. Considering it’s a shorter book, this does make sense, I just felt at times it could have been given more attention and length to draw out the experience rather than having things move so fast.

I did very much enjoy this read though, and I sat down and read it in one sitting because I was so caught up in the world and the plot. This first book felt like a small taste of even greater things to come, and I very much look forward to more of this world, getting more details and world building to expand on what already was set up in A Song of Shadow and Starlight. I think this series has a lot of promise and as more details are unravelled it will become even the kind of series that I won’t be able to get enough of. I cannot wait for the second book already!


By Danielle Plant

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